Why Athletes Need a Physical Therapist After an Injury

Failing to see a physical therapist after a recent injury incident is one of the biggest mistakes that an athlete can make. It’s important to listen to your body, and if something doesn’t feel right, then visiting a physical therapist now can save you from enduring a worsened, long-term or chronic condition. After all, athletes need their bodies to work as optimally as possible, so they can play at their best, so never underestimate the impact that a qualified physical therapist can make in the process of healing and recovery.

If you aren’t sure whether you need to see a physical therapist, here are signs that it’s probably going to benefit your health to do so: 

You still have pain after 48-72 hours.

After an injury accident, it is recommended that you refrain from normal physical activity for 2-3 days afterwards. Apply ice, elevate it, and rest. If then after these three days you still have pain, it is advised that you speak with a physical therapist right away for a proper diagnosis and treatment plan.

Your pain is dull, but recurring.

If there is a dull and throbbing pain that frequently pops up, then you may have a chronic injury that requires care. Your physical therapist can evaluate your movement and develop a plan to decrease the severity of the pain while restoring mobility. 

The pain cannot be controlled with medicine.

It isn’t uncommon to take medication for pain relief or anti-inflammatory after an injury accident. In fact, taking an anti-inflammatory is actually a good response, as decreasing swelling can speed up the healing process. However, medication should not be used in place of treatment from a qualified professional.

There is a change in your performance or appearance.

You are the best judge at what feels normal for your body, and what doesn’t. If you notice even subtle changes in how you perform athletically, or how your body looks in appearance, then now is the time to visit a physical therapist.

For more information about how physical therapy can help you after a recent sports injury, contact a physical therapist near you, such as a professional from Mid-Atlantic Spinal Rehab & Chiropractic.