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What Are Prenuptial Agreements?

Getting married is a time of pure bliss even when looking at the wedding plan stress. The feeling of becoming one with the person you are choosing to build a future with is a special moment and should be treated as such. When choosing to get married many aspects of your lives merge together and become one this includes everything from making decisions together to finances. When the topic of finances is brought to light before tying the knot many couples may decide to go down the path of agreeing to a prenuptial agreement, as they can believe it is simply the best case in protecting them. But when looking at signing any legal document regarding your finances, it is important to fully comprehend what a prenuptial really is and how it can benefit you in the long run. 

Understanding Prenuptial Agreements

It’s true that there is a social stigma attached to the topic of prenups because most people believe a prenuptial agreement is only in place due to a lack of trust between the couple. But that could not be furthest from the truth! A prenuptial agreement serves to protect both people financially. The exact purpose of a prenuptial agreement is to serve as a contract between two parties before they get married to each other which contains each of their assets, debts, property, alimony, spousal support, and how those assets would be handled in the event of a divorce.

A Lawyer’s Role In Prenup Agreements

In every state, the laws regarding prenuptial agreements vary and can get complicated which is why in cases such as these, hiring a lawyer, like a family lawyer, is important and can save you a lot of headaches and money in the long run. In some states, a prenuptial agreement needs to be signed at least 30 days before the civil union or marriage and be in writing and signed by both parties. 

Lawyers can clearly explain how the assets are being divided and they will ensure that the agreement between you and your partner is valid and in compliance with state laws to be held up in court, in the event of divorce proceedings. Your lawyer can customize your prenup to better fit any special financial circumstances. Further, they will prevent you from making any unenforceable clauses in the agreement that could be a problem in the future and they will thoroughly explain the terms in the agreement and help change anything you think need to be revised. 

Prepare For Your Future With Legal Help

We understand how important it is to be prepared for the future especially when it deals with your finances which is why understanding the role a lawyer plays when signing prenups is crucial. In special cases, prenuptial agreements can be nullified by the courts so it is safest to hire a lawyer from the get-go. Our friends at Brandy Austin Law Firm want you to know that some reasons why prenuptial agreements tend to be nullified are if the agreement is deemed to be completely unfair to one person, if any of the parties entered the agreement involuntarily, and if one party lied to the other about any assets listed in the agreement. After hiring a lawyer, your lawyer will help protect you from the likelihood of those events occurring, especially in identifying if the agreement that has been drafted is exponentially unfair to any of the parties involved. To see what a lawyer can do for you, schedule a consultation now.